Coaches from the Department of Sports recently completed a two day workshop, at Warner Park, in preparation for instructing primary school students in Health and Wellness, for the current school term.

Michelle Sutton, Physical Education Coordinator in the Ministry of Education, facilitated the September 8 and 9 workshop, which focused on instructional support. Sutton disclosed that there was also special emphasis on lesson planning, for the newly established core subject.

The Physical Education Coordinator emphasized the importance of the collaborative effort between the Department of Sports and the Ministry of Education, stating that the partnership is critical in the holistic development of students.

Director of Sports Anthony Wiltshire echoed the significance of the partnership of the collaboration with the Ministry of Education. He also applauded Ms. Sutton for her commitment to the initiative, especially during this period when the coronavirus pandemic has forced notable changes.

Participants in the workshop described it was very informative and the preparation boosted their confidence ahead of their entry into the schools.

The teaching of fundamental moving concepts to primary school students is necessary for an active start to a healthy lifestyle.